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The 1st Letter Of Peter

Peter is writing to the elect of God who are exiles in a foreign land. He is writing to them to encourage them and remind them that sufferings and trials are coming and are guarantees, but to not to be discouraged because the trials are from God and are to refine their faith.  Suffering, testing, and persecution are coming and we are to look to Christ as our example on how to respond as Peter will labor in this letter to the chosen of God.  Peter will encourage and remind his audience that they are strangers and exiles that are not in their true home and they are to keep their eyes upon their forever home in heaven where their inheritance is waiting. Christians have an inheritance that is being reserved for them and they are being reserved for their inheritance. This will be finally complete when we as exiles take our first step home! 

Shawn Owens

Pastor Shawn Owens dedicates part of his study time to make notes easy to read, and thorough for anyone who cannot attend in person. Pastor Shawn desires for these notes to help you grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Although the Bible refers to the elders as those who are called by God to shepherd the flock of God, we must remember that all the sheep are God’s sheep. Christ is referred to as the Chief Shepherd. He is addressing the elders who are called to shepherd His sheep and ensuring them that those who are faithful to their position and calling as shepherds of His sheep on earth, will receive an unfading crown of glory when the Chief Shepherd appears!

Why would He want us to cast our anxieties on Him? He cares for us! No one has or ever will care for you more than God! God cares for you! Let that sink in!

Satan will accuse us continually. We have no problem being accused of things that are not true. However, what about when what he accuses us of is true? This is a tactic that he uses to discourage and cause doubt in believers. Questions and doubts may arise in our minds from such accusations such as “How could a Christian really do that?” or “How could God ever forgive me?”

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