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The 1st Letter Of Peter

Peter is writing to the elect of God who are exiles in a foreign land. He is writing to them to encourage them and remind them that sufferings and trials are coming and are guarantees, but to not to be discouraged because the trials are from God and are to refine their faith.  Suffering, testing, and persecution are coming and we are to look to Christ as our example on how to respond as Peter will labor in this letter to the chosen of God.  Peter will encourage and remind his audience that they are strangers and exiles that are not in their true home and they are to keep their eyes upon their forever home in heaven where their inheritance is waiting. Christians have an inheritance that is being reserved for them and they are being reserved for their inheritance. This will be finally complete when we as exiles take our first step home! 

Shawn Owens

Pastor Shawn Owens dedicates part of his study time to make notes easy to read, and thorough for anyone who cannot attend in person. Pastor Shawn desires for these notes to help you grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Christ suffered in this world. Isaiah 53 is the chapter on the suffering servant which is referring to Christ. Peter has already stated in this epistle that Christ has suffered for us as an example (1 Peter 2:21). Not only did Jesus suffer unjustly, but the ultimate suffering in the flesh was His death on the cross

We are closer to Heaven than we have ever been. We are inching closer and closer to our glorification and the completion of our salvation. Therefore, we don’t lose heart, but rather set our thoughts and attention on our inheritance that awaits even in the middle of suffering. While we wait eagerly for the redemption of our bodies in glory, we are to continue to grow in sanctification, for this is the will of God.

Think about the love of God upon you. Think about all the sins He has covered. Think about His compassion and patience He has had on you, even though you have disobeyed the sovereign holy God of the universe. Think about when you sin, He is always ready to forgive His people. Think about the sacrificial love He has shown. We are to love like He loves

At the end of this verse, Peter breaks out in a doxology with a declaration that God be glorified. In the Old Testament, the Hebrew word for “glory” was the word kavod. This word carried the meaning and idea of the weightiness of God in regards to His being and to His intrinsic glory. The Greek word “doxa” is where we derive the word “glory.” This is where the word doxology comes from, meaning that we give glory, praise, and worship to God. Throughout the Bible, the authors of the books of the Bible burst out into doxology in the middle of their writings when they consider the glory of God. The greater knowledge and theology of who God is, the greater praise and glory will be given to God. Higher theology=higher doxology.

It is hardest to trust Him when trials and suffering are on us. We feel the weight of the sufferings, but we must remember that God is good and faithful and the sufferings of this present time are not to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed in us (Romans 8:18). The glory that will be revealed will be in our eternal home and all suffering, tears, mourning, death, and pain will be gone (Revelation 21:1-7). We will know every trial, judgment, and suffering was worth it!

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